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14+ Best Margarita Recipes

on July 15, 2021
last updated May 14, 2024
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15+ of the Best Margarita Recipes plus this refreshing Watermelon Basil Margarita with fresh basil and citrus to make it taste like summer in a glass!
Pouring watermelon margarita into cocktail glass with salted rim

Ready to mix up your marg recipe? This list of Best Margarita Recipes gives you options galore!

I know, I know, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it! And a classic Margarita is perfect as is. But here’s the thing. There’s no better way to appreciate the Margarita in all its glory than by testing out its multiple variations.

And by multiple, I mean VERY many. There are just so many delicious margarita recipes to choose from, how could you possibly choose?

Don’t you fret, I have taste-tested all of these (some more than once 😉 ) and highly approve.

So whether you want a sweet margarita or a spicy one, frozen or on the rocks, extra tequila or no tequila at all, this list has options for you.

Let’s dive in. Here’s my list of Best Margarita Recipes.

1. Three Ingredient Skinny Margarita

Best Margarita Recipes - 3 ingredient skinny margarita
This 3 ingredient Skinny Margarita is made with fresh lime and orange juice, and tequila for the most refreshing healthier margarita!
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2. Fresh Strawberry Jalapeño Margarita

A tumbler full of Fresh Strawberry Jalapeño Margarita
Made with fresh strawberries and oranges causing this drink to be sweet and paired with spicy jalapenos and tart limes to complete the perfect flavor profile, this drink will be your new summer favorite.
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3. Frozen Pineapple Coconut Margarita

Two glasses of Frozen Pineapple Coconut Margarita
This Frozen Pineapple Coconut Margarita uses fresh pineapple, sweet cream of coconut, and lime to transport you to the tropics!
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4. Blackberry & Rosemary Margarita

rosemary and blackberry margarita
A fresh take on the traditional margarita with blackberries, rosemary and topped with ginger beer.
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5. Apple Pie Mezcal Margarita

3 short glasses of Fall Margarita (Apple Pie)
Mezcal adds a nice smoky finish to this margarita, giving it a nice fall feel. Plus, a sugar and cinnamon rim—what could be better?
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6. Sparkling Vodka Margarita

45 degree angled shot of vodka margarita
If you love the idea of a margarita but are not a tequila fan, this refreshing and simple Sparkling Vodka Margarita is for you!
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7. Spicy Mezcal Margaritas With Carrot Juice

spicy mezcal margarita with carrot juice
Think of it as the margarita version of a Bloody Mary. It’s the perfect healthy summer cocktail for BBQ’s or feeling something different.
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8. Vibrant Aperol Margarita

Two Ice Cold Aperol Margaritas
This fresh new take on a classic margarita uses fresh lime and an Italian bitters apértif to give you a crisp, vibrant, Aperol Margarita.
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9. Frozen Blackberry Margarita

best margarita recipes - frozen blackberry margarita
Blackberries, fresh mint and limes blended for the best Frozen Blackberry Margaritas! Fruity, fresh and tart! Top these easy margaritas with a mint sugar rim.
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10. Skinny Pineapple Margarita

skinny pineapple margarita being poured into a glass
There is just something about pineapple drinks that scream summertime. Made with four ingredients, this pineapple skinny margarita is a perfect choice any night of the week.
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11. Blender Batch Frozen Peach Margarita

Coupe glass filled with thick frozen peach margarita with tajin rim.
This batch recipe for frozen peach margaritas uses the blender to make a super easy, refreshing, 4-ingredient cocktail to cool you off.
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12. Watermelon Basil Margarita

pink margarita in coupe glass with salted rim surrounded by watermelon
This Watermelon Basil Margarita is refreshing and slightly sweet, with fresh basil and citrus to make it taste like summer in a glass!
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13. Pumpkin Spice Margarita

Small glass with an orange spiced margarita in the center of the frame with limes and pumpkins in the background.
This Pumpkin Spice Margarita brings fun Fall flavors to a typically more summery drink, making this uniquely warming marg the perfect Autumn treat!
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14. Margarita Cookies with Tequila Lime Glaze

Overhead Shot of Margarita shortbread cookies with glaze on top of cooling rack
These fun Margarita Cookies with Tequila Lime Glaze have all the best flavors of your favorite cocktail rolled into a melt-in-your-mouth cookie!
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Enjoy this list of the best Margarita recipes! If you still don’t know where to start, here’s one of my all-time favorites: The Watermelon Basil Margarita! And for more lists of awesome drinks, check out this list of Mixology Cocktails To Try At Home!

pink margarita in coupe glass with salted rim surrounded by watermelon

14+ Best Margarita Recipes, including Watermelon Basil Margarita

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Marley Goldin
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14+ of the Best Margarita Recipes plus this refreshing Watermelon Basil Margarita with fresh basil and citrus to make it taste like summer in a glass!
Prep Time 3 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 4 servings



  • 1 teaspoon salt for rim (optional)
  • ½ cup watermelon, roughly chopped
  • 5 leaves fresh basil
  • ½ ounce lime juice (½ oz usually = juice of ½ lime)
  • ½ ounce agave nectar
  • 2 ounces tequila blanco
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  • Wet the rim of your cocktail glass by rubbing half of a lime on the rim in a circular motion a couple of times around. Add salt to a shallow bowl, plate, or  and dip the wet rim into the salt. This step is optional, but highly recommended!
  • Roughly chop a wedge of watermelon until you have about 1/2 cup of watermelon. Add it to a cocktail shaker or mixing glass with the fresh basil. Muddle until most of the juice is released from your watermelon chunks.
  • Add lime juice, sweetener, and tequila and mix. Pour through a strainer into your salt-rimmed glass and enjoy!

Pro Tips

  • Using fresh lime goes a long way in this recipe!
  • I love Blanco Tequila in this recipe, but if you prefer Repasado, that totally works, too!
  • ½ liquid oz = 1 tablespoon


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Cuisine Mexican
Diet Vegan
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