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Blueshift Nutrition Bright Citrus Mocktail

on April 28, 2022
last updated April 26, 2023
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This Blueshift Nutrition Bright Citrus drink is the official supplement mocktail of Spring with its delicious taste, vibrant color, and immense health benefits!
Bright Citrus Mocktail garnished with a lime wedge and mint leaf

Move over smoothies: this nutrient-rich Mocktail is the new best way to start your day! Flavor-packed and refreshing, not only is this drink delicious, but it is packed with vitamins, iron, calcium, and zinc. Plus, it keeps you hydrated!

The Blueshift AM Foundation blend is delicious enough on its own, and by adding a few simple ingredients to make it a mocktail, it’s now easily my favorite way to get my nutritional support over brunch.

45 degree angle of Blueshift Nutrition AM Foundation Mocktail

Blueshift Bright Citrus Mocktail Ingredients

Here’s everything you need:

  • Blueshift AM Foundation. Bright Citrus Flavor. Find the right AM Foundation for you!
  • Lime juice. Using fresh lime goes a long way!
  • Sparkling water. For some crisp bubbles.
  • Fresh mint (optional). For garnish and aroma.
sparkling water, lime juice, fresh mint, and Bright Citrus AM Foundation from Blueshift Nutrition

Blueshift Bright Citrus Mocktail Tips and Tricks

What is Blueshift Anyway?

Blueshift Nutrition is a brand that provides delicious supplements designed to help you get all the nutrients you need every day. Their supplements come in pod form, each pod containing up to 10x the active nutrients you may find in pills or gummies.

Blueshift is revolutionizing the way we hydrate and consume the nutrients our body needs with innovative technology that takes a nutrient-packed pod and blends it into your water to produce a flavorful drink targeted to your own health goals.

With a wide range of products, Blueshift has options for everyone, regardless of age, gender, and diet. They even have a quiz to help you identify which pods are best for you.

Is Blueshift Sustainable?

As an environmental scientist, it’s important to me that I support brands that are taking action to continuously strive towards more eco-friendly products and practices. Here’s how Blueshift is prioritizing our planet:

  • Choosing organics. Organic farms rely on biodiversity rather than harmful fertilizers or pesticides.
  • Keeping it natural. No artificial sweeteners or flavors.
  • Reducing plastic. Each pod contains less than half the plastic in just the cap of the water bottles or sports drinks that you are replacing with your Blueshift drink. Plus, the reusable bottle is made of durable stainless steel and contains no plastic in the drink path.
  • Providing vegan options. Reducing your meat consumption is a great way to improve your carbon footprint.

Use the Blueshift Bottle for Best Results

Blueshift has a revolutionary auto-blending Wellness Bottle with a motorized onboard blender to transform your pods into delicious, hydrating, nutrient-packed drinks.

The pod shifter on top allows you to carry up to 3 drink pods, making on-the-go healthy hydrating as easy as one click. The lift-to-blend technology keeps your drink moving, so there is no sediment. No fear of last sip sludge here! Just a smooth, perfectly blended drink down to the very last sip.

The bottle also helps to keep you drinking, with its fun light-up system that celebrates your success and connects you to the Blueshift app so you can track your hydration.

pouring AM Foundation

How To Use the Blueshift Bottle

The Blueshift Wellness Bottle is sleek, fun, and easy to use!

Step 1: Fill the bottle with 14 oz of cold water.

Step 2: Remove the pod shifter and insert your pod of choice! For this mocktail, we will be using Bright Citrus AM Foundation. My perfect formula is number 23. Find out which AM Foundation blend is best for you!

inserting pods into pod shifter

Step 3: Select a pod by aligning it with the puncture lever and lock the pod shifter by firmly pushing down and turning it clockwise until it clicks. Pull down on the lever to puncture the pod, close the flip lid to activate the blender, and shake vigorously at an angle to activate the blender.

The light ring will flash a rainbow when it’s ready to drink, as pictured below.

shaking blueshift bottle to activate blender

Choose Fun Glassware!

Nothing like a fancy glass to elevate your mocktail! I chose a long-stemmed coupe glass, but you can also serve it in a red wine glass, highball glass, or even a champagne flute!

pouring AM Foundation into cocktail glass

Use Fresh Lime

Fresh lime goes a long way in this mocktail to boost the already vibrant flavor and add some extra citrus. You should be able to get all the juice you need from just 1/2 of a lime.

squeezing lime juice into mocktail

Serve Over Ice

This refreshing mocktail is best served cold. I love to pour it over crushed ice!

Top it with Sparkling Water

This adds some crisp bubbles for a brunch-worthy mocktail! Depending on the size of your glass, you will only need 1-2 ounces of sparkling water to transform this drink!

topping Blueshift Nutrition Mocktail with Sparkling Water

Why You Should Make this Blueshift Bright Citrus Mocktail

  • It’s nutritious as well as hydrating. All that water is packed with vitamins and nutrients including Vitamins B, C, D, iron, folate, magnesium, and more!
  • It’s delicious! Vibrant flavors with bubbles from the sparkling water and a hit of citrus from fresh lime make this drink hit the spot every time.
  • It starts your morning off on the right foot. In addition to tons of vitamins and nutrients, this mocktail also includes probiotics, adaptogenic mushrooms, and antioxidants to help you thrive.

If you’re loving this Blueshift Nutrition Bright Citrus Mocktail, check out these Blueshift Nutrition Antioxidant Popsicles!

Bright Citrus Mocktail garnished with a lime wedge and mint leaf

Blueshift Nutrition Bright Citrus Mocktail

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Marley Goldin
This Blueshift Nutrition Bright Citrus drink is the official supplement mocktail of Spring with its delicious taste, vibrant color, and immense health benefits!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes
Servings 1 servings


  • ½ ounce fresh lime juice
  • 2 ounces sparkling water
  • 1 sprig mint (for garnish – optional)


  • Use your Blueshift Nutrition Wellness Bottle to prepare your Blueshift Nutrition AM Foundation in Bright Citrus Flavor (detailed instructions above in post body).
  • Transfer 6 ounces of AM Foundation into a cocktail glass and add lime juice.
  • Add a handful of ice to your glass and top with sparkling water.
  • Garnish with mint for extra freshness and aroma and enjoy!

Pro Tips

Course Cocktails
Cuisine American
Diet Vegan
Keyword 30 Minutes or Less, 5 Ingredients or Less, Blueshift Nutrition, Healthy, Mocktail
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This is a sponsored post by Blueshift Nutrition.


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