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Eco Kitchen Essentials

on November 1, 2022
last updated December 7, 2022
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A list of Eco Kitchen Essentials that have helped me live a more attainable sustainable lifestyle in my kitchen.
Kitchen with Glass Spice Jars

Ready to make your kitchen more sustainable but not sure where to start? Here’s a list of Eco Kitchen Essentials that have helped me live a more attainable sustainable lifestyle in my kitchen.

At Marley’s Menu, we practice progress, not perfection, and stand firm in our belief that making small changes over time can have a much larger impact. These Eco Kitchen Essentials can help you in your journey of living more sustainably!

What are Eco Kitchen Essentials?

Eco Kitchen Essentials are some of the culinary products I have in my kitchen that can help you cook, eat, and live more sustainably.

These items are either specific tools or kitchen aids that help you reduce food waste, or replace comparable products that release toxins and chemicals into the ecosystem when used, or are manufactured in a way that contributes less to environmental degradation in the way of pollutants, deforestation, and climate change.

The following guide includes affiliate links, which pay us a small commission at no extra cost to you. As always, we only feature brands and products that meet strict standards for sustainability that we love — and that we think you’ll love too!

My top picks for eco kitchen essentials

I have grouped together my favorite eco kitchen essentials that help me in my journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle


Reusable Baking Mat

Bye-bye, wasteful parchment paper—hello, reusable silicon baking sheets! BPA-free, each silicone baking sheet will see up to 3,000 uses in the oven (up to 400°F) before the sheet starts to show signs of age.

kitzini reusable baking mat

Why We Like This

• Highly reusable
• Easy to clean
• Even heat distribution

Reusable Baking Cups

I love baking muffins and cupcakes, but I hate throwing out all those single-use baking cups. That’s why I adore these reusable baking cups! The BPA-free silicone is oven-safe up to 428°F, as well as microwave and freezer safe. And they look cute too!

a stack of reusable baking cups in different colors

Why We Like This

• Replaces single-use products
• Durable
• Colorful

Caraway Nonstick Ceramic Bakeware

No PFAs here! These ceramic-coated bakeware sets are free of harmful chemicals, which are made following ethical and eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and are wrapped up with sustainable packaging that is free of single-use plastics.

But wait! They aren’t just a better option for the environment—they are great use, easy to clean and look stylish too! Purchase the full set, a half set or the individual pieces you want.

Caraway bakeware set

Why We Like This

• Non-toxic, PFA-free
High-quality performance
• Great design

Caraway Nonstick Ceramic Cookware

As with all the Caraway bakeware, these ceramic-coated frying pans are free of harmful chemicals, made following ethical and eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and delivered with sustainable packaging that is free of single-use plastics.

Like the bakeware set, these pots and pans aren’t just a better option for the environment—they are great use, easy to clean and look stylish too! Purchase the full set, a half set or the individual pieces you want.

Caraway Cookware set

Why We Like This

• Non-toxic
• High-quality performance
• Looks classy


Glass Food Storage Containers

Made of super strong glass (borosilicate), these plastic-free food containers are perfect for storing leftovers—and even better for meal prep, with the bamboo lid doubling up as a mini-cutting board!

a stack of 4 glass food containers with bamboo lids

Why We Like This

• Plastic free
• Super strong and durable
• Cutting board lid!

Reusable Storage Bag

Replace those single-use plastic storage bags with these food-grade silicone storage bags that are freezer, dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe to 400°F. Use it for leftovers, snacks on the go, meal prep—and it’s not just for food. Keep items sand-free at the beach, use it as a travel bag for personal items… the list of uses is endless!

6 differently sized silicone storage bags

Why We Like This

• Replaces single-use plastic
• Save money over time
• Tough and durable

Reusable Eco-Friendly Grocery Shopping Bags

Made with 100% cotton, these reusable grocery bags contain no plastic or (PP) polypropylene fibers that can be found in many other reusable grocery bags. As well as a nice clean design, these bags roll up easily and seal with a little popper, making these super easy to store and carry around before you need them.

2 expanded reusable cotton grocery bags, 2 rolled up and the box

Why We Like This

• Made from all-natural materials
• Reinforced stitches to help carry up to 35lb
• Rolls up into a cute little log!

Reusable Mesh Cotton Produce Bags

Don’t want your produce rolling around your shopping cart (or worse—rolling under a car seat!), but can’t stand using the single-use plastic so many grocery stores still offer? These reusable mesh cotton produce bags are your friend!

9 differently sized mesh produce bags

Why We Like This

• Comes with 3 different sizes in the package
• Replaces single-use plastic alternatives
• Great for organization and storage

Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap

When I first got this beeswax food wrap my husband had no idea what it was for—the easiest explanation I could come up with was that it replaced clingwrap (actually, as I could see his little British face was still confused, I had to say clingfilm 😅).

Not every bit of food can be stored in a container, sometimes your only option is to cover it—which is why I love my beeswax food wrap!

5 pieces of beeswax food wrap and a netted bag

Why We Like This

• Made of all-natural products
• Reusable—but also biodegradeable
• Comes with different sizes and additional beeswax

Herb Drying Rack

Did you know that hanging and drying your herbs will preserve and extend the usable life of your harvested herbs? Don’t that harvest go to waste—especially if a frost is coming! Use this boho-chic looking drying rack to keep using your herbs for longer (as well as adding some nice decor and aromas to your living-space, too!).

a hanging herb drying kit

Why We Like This

• Extends usability of harvested herbs and flowers
• Can “green your space” beautifully
• Easy to hang and use


Lomi Indoor Kitchen Composter

One of the most common excuses I hear when I ask people if they compost is that it is too hard, or inconvenient—and I get it! That’s why I love my Lomi kitchen composter: it sits on my countertop (looking sleek and stylish) and all I have to do is scrape my food waste into it and press a button to turn it into dirt.

It actually saves me time, while reducing how much garbage I throw out as well as producing dirt I can use in my plants and yard. What’s not to love!?

a Lomi indoor composter

Why We Like This

• Makes composting easy and convenient
• Reduces your garbage footprint
• Don’t need a yard or garden

Kitchen Compost Bin

You don’t have to be high-tech to keep the start of the composting process easy though. If you are composting curious or want to start the composting process on a lighter budget, this compost bin is the place to start!

Made from earth-friendly recycled materials, this compost bin features a vented lid with a charcoal filter that absorbs and traps odours within the bucket. Available at time of writing in cream and black, this stylish looking little compost bin is a great addition to any kitchen.

a beige indoor compost bin

Why We Like This

• Practical and convenient
• Strong design
• The bin in itself is biodegradable!

Cleaning Supplies

Natural Dish Scrubber

Ok, this isn’t the most exciting item on this list—but few things are used more in my kitchen than my trusty scrubber!

For years I used the classic green and yellow ones, each wrapped in an individual plastic wrapper, each thrown into the trash when it’s scrubbed one too many pans. NO MORE! These natural dish scrubbers are primarily made from coconut husk, aren’t packaged in plastic and best of all can be composted at the end of their life cycle.

coconut husk dish scrubbers

Why We Like This

• Made with 100% plant-based material
• Compostable
• Tough and reusable

Reusable Multipurpose Cleaning Cloth

Step aside, paper towels! These reusable multipurpose cleaning cloths are super absorbent (perfect for wiping up spills) and safe for cleaning any surface or washing up your more delicate glasses and cookware.

The best part? Once they are dirty they can be put in the wash and will come out good as new!

reusable multipurpose cleaning cloths in different colors

Why We Like This

• Replaces wasteful paper-based kitchen towels
• Save money from constant kitchen towel replacement
• Multipurpose

Bamboo Paper Towels

Ok, sometimes you just need a paper towel! Whether it is to pat dry an ingredient or wipe some crumbs from your face, the convenience of a paper towel is undeniable.

But what if I told you there is a paper towel that allows you to keep this convenient product in your home, but without the guilt that comes from using a single-use paper product that contributes to deforestation?

Step forward bamboo paper towels! Earth friendly, biodegradable, dissolvable & compostable—bamboo is a fast growing grass that grows back in as little as 3-4 months vs. trees that can take up to 30 years to grow back.

a 6 pack of Caboo bamboo kitchen towells

Why We Like This

• Made from “Panda Friendly” bamboo
• 2-ply sheets
• Free of additional chlorine bleaching and chemicals

Eco-Friendly Dish Brush Set

As much as we love our natural dish scrubber and reusable cleaning cloths, sometimes you need a more specific tool to get something clean, which is where this dish brush set comes in!

Made from components that are will compost, biodegrade or infinitely recycle, this set comes with a dish sponge, a bottle brush, a straw cleaner and a scrubber.

an eco-friendly dish brush set

Why We Like This

• Made with sustainable materials
• Long-lasting if cared for
• Partners with One Tree Planted

Natural Dish Soap Bar

Replace that nasty bottle of chemicals encased in plastic that passes for most dishwashing liquids with this all-natural, plastic-free soap bar

a natural dish soap bar

Why We Like This

• All-natural ingredients
• Replaces plastic equivalent
• Not irritating for skin

Reusable Cleaning Liquid Set

Buy the bottle once, and refill it forever! This is so easy to use—fill the bottle with water and drop in a tablet (which arrive in compostable packaging). That’s it!

Wash away dirt and grime without any harsh ingredients like parabens, phosphates, ammonia, VOCs, chlorine bleach, or phthalates. Hypoallergenic, EPA Safer Choice, Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free, Vegan, B Corp Certified, Climate Neutral. What more could you want from a soap?!

This package contains 3 bottles and 3 separate tablets: one for multi-surface cleaning, one for bathroom surfaces, and one for hands.

reusable cleaning liquid set

Why We Like This

• Replaces single-use plastic bottles
• Uses clean ingredients
• As effective as major brands

Compostable Garbage Bags

These compostable garbage bags are great for lining your indoor compost bin, especially if you have a compost pickup service. And if you visit the GreFusion store, you’ll find these come in a variety of sizes—with the larger size being a great option for parties when paired with compostable plates and cutlery.

Did I just blow your mind with that last idea?! A party that creates bags full of compostable material, rather than a mountain of trash… imagine that!

2 packs of compostable garbage bags

Why We Like This

• 100% compostable
• Reasons
• Reasons

Utensils and Tools

Repurpose Compostable Partyware

If you’re having a party, especially if it’s a large gathering, cleaning up after can be hard work. That’s why most people opt for disposable plates—an understandable but regrettable choice.

That’s why I love this Repurpose compostable partyware: all the convenience of single-use disposable plates, glasses, and cutlery—but plastic-free, non-toxic, and fully compostable!

Repurpose brand compostable plates, cups, utensils and cocktail glass

Why We Like This

• Super convenient
• Fully compostable
• Great range of products

Reusable Straws

Everyone knows by now that plastic straws are terrible for the environment. Or if you didn’t—you do now! Make one of the easiest sustainable switches and get yourself this pack of food-grade stainless steel.

a selection of reusable metal straws

Why We Like This

• Replaces plastic equivalent
• Bendy straw options!
• Comes with straw cleaners

Reusable Oil Sprayer

Sometimes glugging out a slug of oil from the bottle just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you gotta get a nice even coating on a cooking surface or cover a large area without using a whole bottle.

So stop buying those oil sprays that come encased in horrible plastic, and get yourself one of these glass and stainless steel reusable spray bottles!

Reusable Oil Spray

Why We Like This

• Replaces plastic equivalent
• Nice features, such as a non-slip bottom
• Two different sizes

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my list of Eco Kitchen Essentials! For more sustainable products I love, check out this list of Sustainable Gifts for Him.


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