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Sustainable Gifts For Him

on October 20, 2022
last updated January 12, 2024
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A list of some of my favorite environmentally friendly products that I think make the perfect sustainable gifts for him.
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Looking for a unique gift for the eco-minded man in your life? Here’s a list of some of my favorite environmentally friendly products that I think make the perfect sustainable gifts for him.

At Marley’s Menu, we believe in progress, not perfection, and that making small changes over time can have a larger impact. Buying sustainable gifts is a great way to encourage someone you love to get started on their journey to a more attainable sustainable lifestyle!

What makes a gift sustainable?

When seeking sustainable gifts for him, look to support brands that have eco-friendly practices, products that use sustainable materials, and replacements for items that typically have a lot of environmental impact.

The following guide includes affiliate links, which pay us a small commission at no extra cost to you. As always, we only feature brands and products that meet strict standards for sustainability that we love — and that we think you’ll love too!

My top picks for sustainable gifts for him

1. Natural Deodorant

If you dread the rash that comes with a lot of natural deodorants, you’ll be happy to hear Primal Life Organics formulated their natural deodorant without baking soda (apparently the culprit!). Stay dry all day and smell great with this top-rated natural deodorant.

natural deodorant

Why We Like This

• Plastic-free packaging
• Non-toxic, vegan-friendly ingredients
• No baking soda!

2. Everyday T-Shirt

Featuring ultra-soft lightweight fabric made from recycled polyester and U.S. grown cotton, your new favorite crew neck tee is a classic fit with a clean minimalist design.

sky blue t-shirt

Why We Like This

• Uses recycled plastic
• Super soft material
• Great color options

3. Bamboo Dress Socks

These classic dress socks are made from 80% bamboo, a highly sustainable resource. According to the manufacturer, bamboo socks feature naturally odor-resistant, anti-static, moisture-wicking properties to help keep your feet cool and comfortable.

black dress socks

Why We Like This

• Made of 80% bamboo
• Multiple color options
• Multi-pack

4. Cork Slim Wallet

Slim minimalist wallets are a gift staple, but what makes this wallet stand out from the crowd is that it is made out of cork, a highly sustainable resource.

cork wallet

Why We Like This

• Leather-free
• RFID blocking
• Multiple color options

5. Backpack

This limited-edition backpack from Fjällräven is made primarily from recycled water bottles! It’s estimated that over 250 billion water bottles are not recycled annually. Collecting them and repurposing them into backpacks is a great way to eliminate plastic water bottles from the environment. Added bonus: it looks very cool.

grey backpack

Why We Like This

• Made from recycled water bottles
• Free from environmentally-toxic fluorocarbons
• Built to last

6. Plant-based Multipurpose Lubricant

Swap out your petroleum-based products (like WD40) for Gear Hugger’s all-in-one spray that works as a lubricant, degreaser, corrosion inhibitor, moisture barrier, and antirust spray.​

spray bottle of lubricant

Why We Like This

• Petroleum-free
• Longer-lasting than comparable petroleum products
• Non-toxic & plant-based

7. Solar-Powered Watch

Citizen eco-drive technology powers their watches by converting light into energy. Not only is this watch durable and fashionable, but it is also self-reliant and requires no batteries.

solar powered watch

Why We Like This

• It requires no toxic batteries
• Citizen is part of the 1% For the Planet initiative
• Water-resistant and suitable for sports

8. Emission-Free Whiskey Glasses

According to the manufacturer, not only are these glasses ultra clear and highly resistant to breakage, but these eco-crystal glasses are produced sustainably in an emission-free facility using renewable energy to create 100% recyclable glassware.

whiskey glasses in a box

Why We Like This

• Produced in an emission-free facility
• Ultra clear yet hard to break
• High-quality gift box

9. Lomi Indoor Kitchen Composter

One of the most common excuses I hear when I ask people if they compost is that it is too hard, or inconvenient—and I get it! That’s why I love my Lomi kitchen composter: it sits on my countertop (looking sleek and stylish) and all I have to do is scrape my food waste into it and press a button to turn it into dirt.

It actually saves me time, while reducing how much garbage I throw out as well as producing dirt I can use in my plants and yard. What’s not to love!?

Lomi composter

Why We Like This

• Makes composting easy and convenient
• Reduces your garbage footprint
• Don’t need a yard or garden

10. Compostable Phone Case

There are a million-and-one phone cases out there, so why this one? Well, not only does this case protect your phone, it also protects the planet! The case is made from “Flaxstic”, a plastic alternative made from flax straw.

compostable phone case

Why We Like This

• Plastic-free and compostable
• Slim and lightweight
• Different sizes and colors available

11. Vertical Indoor/Outdoor Multi-Plant Farmstand Garden

There is so much to love about this farmstand It’s hard to know where to start! First, it’s super easy—no green thumbs required here—just choose the size (they offer from 12 up to 36 plants—which can also be expanded) and the seedlings you want, then spend just a few minutes a week adding water to the automatic dispersal system and start harvesting in as little as 3 weeks.

Get fresher food, with no packaging or transport, with minimal effort—and it looks really cool too!

vertical multi-plant farmstand garden

Why We Like This

• 95% less water usage vs. traditional gardening
• Automated watering system
• Growing your own food greatly reduces plastic packaging

12. Reusable Handsoap Set

Buy the bottle once, and refill it forever! This is so easy to use—fill the bottle with water and drop in a tablet (which arrive in compostable packaging). That’s it! Wash away dirt and grime without any harsh ingredients like parabens, phosphates, ammonia, VOCs, chlorine bleach, or phthalates. Hypoallergenic, EPA Safer Choice, Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free, Vegan, B Corp Certified, Climate Neutral. What more could you want from a soap?!

reusable hand soap set

Why We Like This

• Reduces plastic consumption
• Uses clean ingredients
• Great scents

13. Functional Fragrance

Keep calm and spray a fragrance… a functional one, to be specific. Developed using data insight and research into the connection between cognitive function (the brain) and the olfactory system (sense of smell), mind-soothing notes of green cardamom, bergamot, and cilantro offer a clean, woody, spicy scent that instantaneously impacts your emotional state.

bottle of fragence

Why We Like This

• Every ingredient has been sourced ethically and sustainably
• Vegan and cruelty-free
• Soothes tension and reduces stress

14. Portable Solar Power

Whether you’re an avid outdoorsman or like to be prepared in case of a power outage, this portable solar power station is the fossil fuel-free way to power your electronics in a pinch. Safe and easy to use, it can supply 1000W of power (2000W surge power), which meets the needs of most higher-power electrical appliances, and features multiple output ports.

Why use a noisy, stinky, hard-to-start gas generator when you could have one of these instead!?

portable solar power

Why We Like This

• Fossil fuel-free when charged with the solar panels
• Very little to no noise when in use
• Great for camping

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my list of Sustainable Gifts for Him! For more sustainable products I love, check out this list of Eco Kitchen Essentials. And for more gift ideas, check out these Sustainable Stocking Stuffers!


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