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Editorial Policy

Our Philosophy

At Marley’s Menu, our core mission is centered around crafting delicious and easy-to-follow recipes that are accessible to a wide audience. We believe that enjoying wholesome, flavorful meals should be a delightful and inclusive experience for everyone.

While we savor the joy that comes from creating mouthwatering dishes, we also recognize the broader context of our food choices. While systemic change is vital for a healthier planet, we understand that individuals can make a positive impact in the short term by making mindful choices. We strive to provide individuals with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions, preparing them for any future changes.

In our culinary journey, we celebrate the belief that people should still be able to enjoy the things they love. Our commitment to creating recipes that are both delicious and easy to recreate is at the heart of what we do. Through this approach, we aim to inspire individuals to make mindful choices without sacrificing the joy of savoring exceptional flavors.

Ultimately, at Marley’s Menu, we aspire to foster a community where making better choices is not only accessible but also a delightful and integral part of everyday life. Join us as we embark on a journey of culinary exploration, where delicious recipes and mindful choices coexist harmoniously for a brighter, more flavorful future.

Recipe Testing

Every recipe featured on our platform is meticulously crafted and tested by us personally. With over 400+ recipes developed over the span of 3+ years, we take pride in the extensive effort dedicated to perfecting each dish.

Our rigorous testing process involves multiple rounds in our home kitchen, with most recipes undergoing at least three or more trials to achieve optimal results. This would be a good time to thank our friends and family, who have been (usually very willing and grateful!) guinea pigs—especially Marley’s mom Wendy Goldin, an accomplished home cook herself who comes from a family of caterers.

Some recipes require additional testing to ensure they meet our high standards of taste, quality, and ease of preparation. We don’t just stop there; our dedication extends to regularly revisiting and retesting our favorite recipes.

During our testing phase, we adhere to a thorough checklist:

  • Ensure the general availability of each ingredient at the most popular grocery stores in the U.S.A.
  • Evaluate any sustainability credentials of particular brands or products.
  • Precisely measure and double-check quantities of ingredients for accuracy.
  • Calculate preparation and total cooking time for each recipe based on our real experience.

Moreover, we value feedback from our readers. After a recipe is published, we actively encourage our audience to share their experiences. This valuable input allows us to make necessary updates and corrections, ensuring that our recipes are accurate and enjoyable for everyone. If you come across any errors or issues, please don’t hesitate to let us know—your feedback is crucial to our commitment to delivering reliable and delightful recipes.


At Marley’s Menu, all content is exclusively created and authored by Marley Goldin, ensuring a personal touch to every aspect of our platform. Marley is assisted with edits, suggestions, graphics, and web development by her husband Rob Hills, and is indebted to her father Bruce Goldin for (among many other things) his proofreading of every post!

Beyond the creation and testing of each recipe, we take pride in writing every blog post. Our intimate knowledge of each recipe empowers us to offer unique insights, including tips, tools, serving recommendations, and invaluable information that sets us apart.

Each blog post is meticulously crafted with our readers in mind, aiming to provide information beyond what is found in the recipe itself. This could encompass:

  • Insight into sustainable practices as it pertains to food and cooking, in the form of “Green Tips”
  • Detailed notes on particular ingredients or alternative substitution options.
  • Lessons learned from our recipe testing experiences, helping you avoid potential pitfalls.
  • Guidance on storage and reheating, ensuring your meals stay delicious.
  • Time-saving tips to make your cooking experience more efficient.
  • Specific kitchen tools that are recommended for the recipe.

Our overarching goal is to transparently share useful and practical information within our blog posts. We hope you find value and enjoyment in the efforts we put into delivering a rich and informative culinary experience.

Comment Policy

The thoughts and opinions of our readers are not just welcome but highly valued at Marley’s Menu. We appreciate and actively seek reader comments and feedback on our recipes, as your insights contribute to the improvement of our content for the benefit of the entire community.

We foster an environment of respectful and relevant dialogue in our comment section. While we encourage diverse opinions and discussions, we maintain a zero-tolerance policy for threatening, defamatory, irrelevant, derogatory, hateful, or offensive statements and comments.

In line with our commitment to maintaining a positive and constructive space, we reserve the right to remove any comments that do not align with our standards. The decision to remove a comment rests solely at the discretion of the owners of Marley’s Menu. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in creating a welcoming and enriching community for all.