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Hi! I’m Marley and I am the recipe developer, writer, food photographer, and voice behind Marley’s Menu. I am also a qualified Environmental Scientist—and I love partnering with brands and other organizations that have sustainability front of mind, too!

If you already have an idea of how you would like to work with Marley’s Menu, then please head straight to our partner intake questionnaire.

Below is a listing of our usual partnership services, and please feel free to download a copy of our Media Kit too.

Partnerships & Services

Recipes aren’t the only thing on my menu!

I offer a suite of services and ways brands and other organizations can partner and work with Marley’s Menu. All services can be tailored and customized to suit each partner’s bespoke needs. These services include:

Recipe Development

Whether creating a brand new recipe or putting a modern twist on a classic, being in the kitchen creating delicious dishes, desserts and drinks is my happy place ☺

Do you have a delicious product that you would like to showcase and need a recipe that highlights it?

I deliver thoroughly tested and tasty recipes, complete with step-by-step instructions and high-quality process shots, finished with beautiful and fully edited hero images of the final product.

Example recipe development plus sponsored blog bost: Strawberry Daiquiri Mocktail with Rum Alternative.

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Food Photography & Styling

As the old cliche goes, the first bite is taken with the eye—or in my case, through the lens of my trusty camera!

My professional photography and editing skills are key to showing off my recipes.

These same skills can showcase your product and the vibe you want it to represent, whether for your digital assets on the web and social media or for physical assets such as promotional and sales materials.

I can produce beautifully composed, styled, and edited images, either working to a detailed brief or letting loose with creative freedom.

Example food photography and styling: Skinny Margarita mix and a food seasoning product.

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If you are looking for avenues to get the word out about your brand, social media influencer partnerships may be front of mind.

My community of foodie followers has grown to see me as a credible resource when it comes to choosing high-quality brands with environmentally friendly practices.

Consumers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious and want to support brands that have green practices but don’t always feel confident in choosing them.

I partner exclusively with brands that I truly love and stand behind, which has helped me earn the trust of my readers.

Example sponsored posts: on Instagram

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Sustainability Expertise

Combining my passion for food and the environment has been a dream come true.

Between the knowledge that I gained while earning my degree in Environmental Health Science and my continued interest and research in sustainability, I have been able to provide commentary on various environmental issues and sustainability practices.

If you are looking for information on the food industry and sustainability or tips & tricks on how to live a greener lifestyle, I am happy to provide my expertise.

Example sustainability expertise: consulted and quoted in an article on Apartment Therapy.

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