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Meatless Monday Challenge

Welcome to the Meatless Monday Challenge! Whether you’re here because you love to try new things or because you want to make a positive change for your health and the health of our planet, rest assured that your participation in this challenge is going to make an impact!

Sign-up Now!

Signing up for the challenge is easy! Simply drop your email in the sign-up box below to receive everything you will need!

The email will include 5 downloadable PDF documents. A “Welcome Guide” to prep you for the challenge and 4 x meal prep documents for each Monday of the 4 week challenge.

Each weekly meal prep document will provide a grocery shopping list and delicious meatless recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, setting you up for success!

Sign-up for the Meatless Monday Challenge
Get access to the 4-week-long Meatless Monday Challenge, with accompanying meal plans, grocery shopping lists, and more, sent right to your inbox!

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Why Sign-up for the Challenge?

Around this time of year, a lot of us are thinking about our New Year’s Resolutions and/or changes we can make to start 2023 off on the right foot.

If your goals for the new year include putting your health first or making small changes in your routine to improve your environmental footprint, this Meatless Monday Challenge is a great place to start.

The overconsumption of meat leads to overconsumption of land and water, overuse of fossil fuels, and overproduction of animal methane—a large contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

Simply put, reducing your meat and dairy consumption directly improves your individual footprint by reducing demand for these products.

Research suggests that the annual impact of participating in Meatless Monday is immense. If all Americans were to participate in this Meatless Monday for just 4 weeks this January, collectively we would save approximately 8 billion gallons of water, 5.6 million gallons of gas, and 24,000 acres of land!

Entering this Meatless Monday Challenge will not only expose you to fun, new, and sustainably focused recipes, but will also help foster a community of like-minded foodies who want to do better for our home, planet Earth! Plus, meatless meals are proven to be better for our health, helping you feel good mentally and physically.

Close up of Strawberry Goat Cheese Salad

What Will You Get Out of the Challenge?

  • Four Monday’s worth of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners (each Monday will have a make-ahead breakfast option for those who have limited time in the morning, and lunches can also be taken into work!).
  • A Monday meal plan that is packed with flavor, variety, and fun is sent straight to your inbox every Friday, so you have time to prepare for your Meatless Monday.
  • Shopping lists to ensure you have everything you need to execute Meatless Monday.
  • A community of sustainability-focused individuals who want to do better for the health of our planet.
  • Four bespoke breakfast recipes that are not on the blog!
  • Green tips and kitchen hacks to help you learn about meatless cooking techniques, giving you confidence in the kitchen to carry out meatless meals throughout the rest of the year.
  • The knowledge that you are making an impact!
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Who Should Sign-up for the Challenge?

  • Those who want to improve their ecological footprint.
  • Anyone who is curious about a meatless diet.
  • Foodies who love trying new recipes.
  • Those who want to eat less meat, but don’t know where to start.
  • Anyone who is curious about what meatless eaters eat in a day.
  • Anyone struggling to eat more plant-based food because they think it is not filling, boring, or lacking flavor.
  • Those who already often eat meatlessly, but want to add more variety to their diets, and find more go-to meals to add to their weekly rotation.
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Meatless Monday Challenge Details

Sign up for the challenge using the sign-up form!

The challenge will run through the month of January, providing a meal plan for four Mondays in January.

You will receive a welcome email outlining the pantry staples you will need throughout the challenge and the equipment you will need to be successful in this challenge.

Then, every Friday starting January 6th, you will get a Meatless Monday meal plan complete with a shopping list to prepare you for the upcoming Monday.

At the end of the challenge, I will personally check in with you and gather feedback and wins from you and others in the community!

Tips for Success

Plan Ahead

The Meatless Monday Challenge emails are purposely sent on the previous Friday to give you time to prepare. Each email will provide 2 breakfast options (one make-ahead), one lunch option, and one dinner option.

A shopping list will be provided for the primary meals listed. You will also have a list of several other options if a recipe does not suit your taste.

Reference the shopping list, pantry staples, and recipes to make sure you have everything you need. If you don’t have much time in the mornings and are out of the house for lunch, use the weekend to prep.

Embrace Leftovers

Beyond opting in for Meatless Monday and reducing your meat consumption, establish your dedication to eating more responsibly by reducing your food waste!

Allow your efforts every Monday to set a precedent for the week and consider whipping up some of the alternate options throughout the week to make the most out of this challenge.

Do Your Best

This challenge is designed to inspire you, build community, and give you confidence when eating meatless meals. In no way is this challenge meant to induce guilt, feel overwhelming, or be a burden.

Do the best you can to keep your commitment to a month of Meatless Mondays, reach out for support, and utilize the tools you are given fully.

Mobilize Support

Get your family and friends involved and excited about this challenge! The more people we get to join, the bigger our impact will be! Plus, fostering a community around this challenge makes it fun and exciting, and means you’re more likely to be successful.

Additionally, please don’t hesitate to seek support from me! I am here to be a resource and to encourage you in your journey.

Celebrate the Wins

By participating in this Meatless Monday Challenge, you are undoubtedly making an impact. Celebrate this success! Signing up is the first step to strengthening your dedication to a more attainable sustainable lifestyle.

Let Us Know How You’re Doing!

Take a snap of your meal and tag @marleysmenu on Instagram and use the hashtag #MarleysMeatlessMonday

That’s all for now! Can’t wait to take this journey together!